Photo above by Lori Faber Photography

Photo above by Lori Faber Photography

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Elizabeth Nichols

We might be kindred spirits if you…

Love traveling. Like, a LOT. 

Feel soft and fuzzy when you look at old photographs.

Believe in natural beauty. 

Mix Sprite with Cranberry Juice.

Need the beach.

See that weddings are made perfect by their tiny details. 

Why I Shoot People:  Photos are powerful, and they serve as your most important keepsake from life’s special moments. When I was 14, after my great grandparents’ passing, I helped my mother and grandmother clean out their house. We found hundreds of old slides from their travels together, and those photos changed my life. I have never been so moved by the simplicity of a few discolored photos—Stories upon stories behind each and every one! This is my goal: To provide every couple the most perfect of photographs from their wedding day, capturing who they are and how they feel. In 100 years, your great-great grandchildren will be looking at your wedding photos. Let’s make them timeless, shall we? 

What To Expect: When you book a wedding with Lizard Nickel Photography, you will have many opportunities to discuss EXACTLY what your expectations are for the big day. I want to know what’s unique and important to YOU—and that’s different for every bride I meet. We will discuss the overall vibe for your wedding, decor options, scheduling, specific shots you’d like and shots I’d suggest, important friends and relatives who will be attending, and SO much more. I want to be involved in as much of the wedding planning as you’d like, because, in all honesty, I am completely obsessed with your wedding. Every couple has a unique relationship, and that relationship will be expressed in your wedding vows, in your interactions with each other, and even in your wedding decor. My passion is to discover those moments and capture them forever in your wedding photographs. 

Before specializing in wedding photography, I shot all kinds of portraits and events, including several stylized shoots for artists, designers, and even BHLDN Houston (Anthropologie’s very first wedding shop). My work has been seen in Houston Bride’s Magazine, LonNY, The Knot, and about a dozen other online publications. In my spare time(ha!), I’ve done some professional Interior Design, both commercial and residential, and this has definitely aided me in styling, understanding, and capturing the tiniest of details that dictate the overall vibe of any special event.

I have been photographing weddings since 2011, and have traveled for almost every wedding I’ve shot. I have covered celebrations in several Texas cities, California, and Mississippi, just to name a few, as well as internationally in Ireland, Scotland, London, and Mexico. I’ve shot in the dark, in the noon sun, in the Texas summer heat, and in the dead of winter. I am very confident in my ability to understand and express who you are as a couple through my photographs. I hope that you’ll consider giving me the incredible honor of being your wedding photographer. I’d love nothing more. Let’s do this thang. 

With joy, Liz Nichols 

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