The Liz List

I thought it might be fun to share a portion of my way-too-specific bucket list. Is it cheesy to say that I’m a dreamer? Because…I am. I spend way too much time planning in great detail events for the future that may never happen. I drive around (often) just to look at gorgeous towns or homes that I’ll never live in, and I have a running list of saved homes on Zillow that I’ll never buy. It’s slightly possible that I drive my husband nuts when I ask about that ever-elusive remodel that we’re totally gonna do someday, and I think even my kids get annoyed with my imagination from time to time—“Mommy, can you just read in a normal voice?” Alas, I’m always adding to the bucket list and coming up with things to do all over the world. These are a few of my faves. Anyone want to adopt a few of these? Be my guest!

Walk barefoot in the Faroe Islands (somebody take me there NOW!)

Bungee Jump off of the Royal Gorge Bridge

Do a climb tour over the Golden Gate Bridge

Shoot a wedding in Europe (check, this coming October!)

Build a sand castle in Fiji

Gift a polaroid camera in a 3rd world country

Bury a ring in New Zealand

Kiss under the Eiffel Tower

Order a glass of milk in a German pub

Hang one of my photographs in an art museum (check!)

Climb a tree

Sneak out of my own house for a donut run without waking anyone

Repel down Sears Tower

Carve mine and Derek’s initials in a tree (half-check. Turns out it's kind of hard.)

Bury a time capsule

Handstand in a hot air balloon

Teach my kids how to use a camera

Le'Chaim or whatever (I think it means yay for living)